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Community Learning

The initiative was taken by us to help our members to learn and master the skills they wish to develope. The Community Learning sessions are conducted by our own members on weekly basis. The interested people take up these interactive sessions and grow via experimenting with everything they learn.

E Summit 2020

The Entrepreneurship Summit (E-Summit) is a colossal annual corporate event of KIIT Entrepreneurship Cell which is an organization that targets at fostering the entrepreneurship culture amid the students and at establishing a necessary support system for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Internship Camp

The Internship Camp facilitates a symbiotic relationship between companies and the students of KIIT University. In this camp we focus on providing the best set of talents to the companies keeping in mind their needs, simultaneously we offer students to bag internships in various domains.


Makovation was a two day open to all hackathon. Students all across the university were given a chance to work on their ideas with help of seasoned student entrepreneurs and leaders. The winners were given an exclusive chance to work on their ideas and turn it into a successful start-up.





Message From Chairman

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The Entrepreneurship Cell of KIIT University always focuses on fostering entrepreneurship culture amongst students and assisting budding entrepreneurs with the necessary resources required by them to overcome the obstacles faced in the course of building a new startup. It is not only a community for entrepreneurs, but for anyone interested in the corporate life. KIIT E-CELL is a platform that recognises the talents in you and hones them, so as to make you ready to face the world, and be a valuable asset to it. It is always a great feeling when you're working towards such a big change, especially with such a brilliant team, for a cause that's much bigger than any of us. And the experience, has truly been humbling. We look forward to working with many more entrepreneurs in their quest for success and shaping a better 'tomorrow' for the startup world!

-Pratik Agarwala

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